Monday, November 28, 2011

A Week in the Country

Actually, it was only one night, but the ladies of Little Witch Press had a great time out at Kim's country estate. While there, we celebrated the arrival of the new book (it's here! it's here!), devised an entertaining launch event (December 3rd at the Firehall -- only five sleeps away), and plotted our next moves in the publishing world (cackling, of course).

While we are not necessarily seeking world domination (though a cup of tea would be nice), we would like children in other cities to know of our exploits. Plans are afoot to expand our publishing empire.

It all begins with a puppet. Yes, yes, she has proper clothes now. And mittens.

A big shout-out/thankyou to Steph Rea, who is busy creating Pansy the Puppet's Very Secret Weapon. You must come to the launch to see its debut! But I will likely be posting photos of the launch here, so you may get to see it after the fact.

Remember: Five sleeps. That's all.

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