Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Puppet is Here!

I believe we have a finished puppet. Or, at least, a finished puppet head. I'll work on the body tomorrow. But here are the steps:

After forming the head from foam and gluing it together, I spray painted it. Today, I added more features using acrylic paint
Doesn't she look fetching? 

Then, I added button eyes and started in on the hair:

She looks like she's suffering from Male Pattern Baldness, I admit. But here she is more complete.
Notice that her mouth isn't quite right. That was the next step!
I carefully measured her mouth using a thin cardboard pattern. Then I cut the black foam and glued it on. She's enjoying a small pot on her head -- it helped hold her in place!
And here she is! Next? We work out about her clothes. But that's tomorrow!

Happy witching my dears -- book launch in just a short while! December 3rd -- mark your calendars. By then, the puppet will be in full form.


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