Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dance, dance, dance!

Dear Sandi Witch,

It's your friend Wilhelmina writing. Let me assure you: WITCHES DO INDEED DO BALLET.

It's true! Look at the photos! Also, a very nice little girl showed me what to do.
And besides, I have a tutu and everyone knows that a tutu makes the ballerina.
Even Pansy said it looked good, and Pansy knows how to dress.

Come by and the cat and I will give you a little lesson...

Lots of witchy love,


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wordy Witches on the Street

Oh MY! Did we ever get some looks from people on Sunday at the Word on the Street. Anyone would think that they'd never seen a witch before! Maybe it was my hair, or I had something stuck between my teeth. It's possible, don't laugh. I get stuff stuck between my teeth, especially if I eat it quickly.

That's me on the right, Sandi Witch. Pansy Witch is in blue. Very fetching, don't you think? Elsie Nisonen was kind enough to take our picture, along with only about a gazillion complete strangers.

Many people came by to see us and have us sign our new book, Witches Don't Do Ballet (I really can't say if witches DO do ballet; whatever that Wilhelmina's doing certainly doesn't look like ballet to me).

Later, Wilhelmina dropped by and did a little dance:

A fun day was had by all! We even got some truly delicious Girl Guide cookies courtesy of a very little witch named Miriam (they were the minty kind, my favourite!).

Thank you everyone who dropped by -- we had to fly back to Ottawa afterwards, ably fueled by Diet Coke and some sugary stuff Pansy bought.

More later, your pal,