Wednesday, November 2, 2011

To Muppet, or Not To Muppet?

My Special Dearies,

You see us -- and photographic proof is rampant on this blog -- green and blue, marching happily through the children's section of bookshops. But maybe the Little Witches are ready for a fresh approach. As many of you know, we have a new book coming out December 3rd, Witches Don't Do Winter

What if, and bear with me here, what if we made puppets? Performed with good big puppets? In this story of sheer athleticism (something which many of you probably already associate me with), Pansy must ski, snowshoe, toboggan and stop a few pucks. That's a lot of work for a poor Witch...but not for a witch puppet.

Not too shabby, eh? We could equip her with baby clothing and Bob's your uncle! Plus, Susan and I can dress in "orchestra black", sans green and blue faces. My skin will thank you.


Sandi Witch

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