Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lift Off!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the launch yesterday. We had such a good time -- the hot chocolate was hot, the cupcakes suitably wintery, and there was even some snow on the ground outside. The Pansy puppet worked marvellously! Susan, Kim and I want to especially thank Steph for the rainbow mitt and servery duties, Aaron for carrying heavy boxes, Abigayle and Genny for managing the money end of things, Caroline for the facepainting, and all our other friends and family members who support us in these adventures.

Liz, Susan and Kim hold a copy of the book, plus Flat Abby (drawn for us to look at, but not to take)! I'm quite naturally the one in green.

More photos after the JUMP:

Setting up

Greeting Young Guests

Getting face painted

Having fun at the paper bag puppet station

Beginning the reading

Things get exciting

Pansy saves the day, using her secret weapon (a blur in this shot -- you'll have to read the book!)

Interacting with our guests at the signing table

Personalizing with a signature

"How do I spell your name?"

More amazing face painting!

The colouring table

Genny and Abigayle, our sales girls

A paper bag puppet (again, for looking, not for keeping)
 All photos taken by Kim Dalrymple.

We're pretty pleased with ourselves, and astonished with our friends -- so nice to see everyone yesterday. We're open to suggestions, too, because this was our first reading and we're working out what works, what we need to add, what we need to change. If you want to catch us again, we'll be at the Rockcliffe Community Centre in two weeks (the 17th at 10 in the morning). Be sure to catch us on All in a Day (CBC radio, 91.5 in the Ottawa area) on the 16th. We will be wearing skates for this fundraiser with Alan Neal.

Thanks, kisses, hugs!

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