Monday, September 22, 2014

Not wet at all!

Truthfully, WOTS this year did NOT seem auspicious. We woke to torrential downpours, bucketing rain slashing against our breakfast windows. Undaunted, we drove to the site, and passed the barrier just in the nick of time (the Witchmobile protesting all the while at the indecently inclement weather). We assessed the sopping wet table, dropped off our baggage, and parked the car underground, where it could recuperate for the duration of WOTS.

We strategized: yes, our friends at Starbucks wouldn't mind if we nicked a handful (or two) of napkins to dry our table, would they?

Indeed, they did not!

But lo! When the elevator door opened to Bloor Street West, Mr. Golden Sun had vanquished those horrible rain clouds! It was a miracle, of sorts! The day ended up being warm, lovely sunshiney, and full of wonderful, wonderful people.

Some of those people helped us in the Little Witch Press booth! Some of those lovely people stopped by the booth to say hi! Some of them (many of them) bought some books and helped us celebrate our second printing of Where Do Witches Go?

All in all, it was a stupendous day. Photos soon!

ETA: photo now! With our lovely daughters, Absy and Genny. ALSO: photo by @elsienisonen, who is not only a supporter, but a wonderful photographer (even with my iPhone!)

Sunday, September 21, 2014


It's going to be one for the wellies, everyone!

Come see us at Word on the Street today (yes, in the rain), and we will greet you with smiles and laughter and maybe a bookmark!

For the record, perhaps it would have been better yesterday? The sun was lovely yesterday!

Pictures on our Facebook page for the moment!

Friday, September 12, 2014

We're Back!

When Halloween is over
and winter clouds bring snow
I’m sure you were wondering
where did the ‘Witches Go’?

Well it’s a good question. Us Little Witches may not have been in the spotlight, flaunting our talents, but we've definitely been around and we've definitely been busy cooking up all kinds of new and magical ideas. The good news is we'll be back in public sight this Fall, and we're planning to spread some magical cheer over our young fans.

One of our most recent undertakings was to reprint our first title. First published in the Fall of 2008, Where Do Witches Go? was a huge success and went on to completely sell out within the first few years of its printing. Little Witch Press has been waiting for the right time to reprint and this September seems to be just the right time!

And so over a pot of tea (or two) us Little Witches are back at it, planning, plotting and pulling together our best 'haunting season' yet. With a second printing of our popular first title and an itinerary of appearances, stay tuned to The Witch Watch and to find out where the fun and frolicking will all take place.