Sunday, October 31, 2010

Witches in the Museum!

If anyone was at the Children's Museum today, you may have spotted Pansy and Sandi performing in the theatre space. The two witches had a GREAT time. They read from all three books -- Where Do Witches Go, What Do Witches Do? and Witches Don't Do Ballet -- and were surprised, delighted and astonished at all the little dancers who joined them onstage. You are all fantissimo! Unique! One-of-a-kind!

Last night, the witches could be spotted at the Glebe Community Centre, performing at the Great Glebe Pumpkin Party, and earlier at Tiggy Winkles in Westboro.

The witches are flying off tonight to enjoy highjinks in the neighbourhood! Look for the little witches at book fairs and recitals over the next few months. In the meantime, happy trick-or-treating!

Happily yours,
The Little Witches of Little Witch Press

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