Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ready, Set...LAUNCH!

That's right, my dears...the Big Launch is almost here! This Sunday (October 17) from 2:00 until 4:00, join me (Sandi), Wilhelmina, and Pansy as we flounce about like maniacs, spelling and charming everyone in our path. Cupcakes, my dears...cupcakes! There will be storytelling, etc. etc.  All at the Firehall (Old Ottawa South Community Centre on Sunnyside).

We may even have some special guests -- I hear Roslyn might be in town! Who knew? And as for that skunk of hers. Well, we really must come up with names for all our creatures. I feel a contest comin' on!
It would be lovely if you all could come in costume -- that way we won't recognize you! And tell all your friends!

Yours in pumpkin madness,
Sandi Witch 

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