Sunday, October 30, 2011

End in Sight! Or, Is It?

Hello Friends,

Some of you may have spotted us at Pinecrest Chapters yesterday as we flitted about in our pre-Halloween giddiness.  Here we are, in front of the IndigoKids! section. I think we look very smart. Our afternoon included reading from all three books, a brief fashion show (featuring my chicken wire tutu), and much coffee (photographic proof below).

After heavy caffeination, we resumed witchly duties, which seemed to now include a visit to Globo shoes (pronounced glob-o, don't let anyone tell you differently), because Pansy Witch needed a pair of knee-high riding boots in preparation (doubtlessly) for her brave foray into winter. More on that later. For Pansy, staying awake for the next few months of darkness is the equivalent of a college student pulling an all-nighter. I'm going to enjoy seeing this.

Today, defrocked, we infiltrated Saunders Farm as civilian witches (there is such a thing) and thoroughly enjoyed the mazes, the hayride, and the bouncy bubble. However, we made fast use of the Chicken Door in the House of Horrors. Not me, you understand. The littlest witches. They were...wanting to use the Chicken Door. Because it looked like fun. Not because they were scared, you understand.

Even though this is the end of the Halloween season, our fourth book, Witches Don't Do Winter is coming out in early December. Pansy has to stay awake allllllll winter this time. We'll post details about the upcoming party soon. Halloween will soon be over, and winter skies will be snow...and I'll tell you where the witches go and it's not Cozumel (regrettably).

In any case, tomorrow we'll see you at Lakeview School, if you happen to be a student there, or a teacher, or maybe a parent of a kid there. Or a witch. Because we know witches always come uninvited. It's how we roll.

Love and kisses,
Sandi Witch

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thank You, Rockcliffe School!

Dear Students,

It was so lovely to see all your faces this morning! Susan and I had a lovely time (as Pansy and Sandi and Wilhelmina) in your classrooms. It's always great to talk about how our books come about.

I was especially pleased that when we asked what you thought our upcoming book Witches Don't Do Winter was about. You guessed almost all the things that we put in there! Except ice-fishing! Thank you Jack, for that suggestion. I wish we'd had it a little earlier, because I can totally see our witches out on the ice, cutting holes and pulling up a whopper.

Check us out this weekend at Saunders Farm, ValleyView Farm and Peace of Mind Creations in Almonte!

Sandi Witch