Monday, September 26, 2011

Sneak Peek! Shhhhhhh.

Lookit, everyone! Actually, shhhhhh. No, don't look.

Okay, come here. Let me show you something very, very exciting. It's the draft cover of our upcoming book, Witches Don't Do Winter (available for pre-order now -- launching in December!)

Isn't it beautiful????

Thank you, Sister Kimmie, for all your work in taking the drawings and making them look lovely! xxxx Sandiwitch xxxxx

WOTS 2011 - One for the Books

Hello all!

We've done another Word on the Street, my dearies. We met lots and lots of lovely people, but alas, none of them were green. Or blue. The weather couldn't have been more spectacular. Pansy Witch was hoping for a nice coffee wagon, but the kind WOTS organizers haven't quite gotten there yet. Little Witch Press was sandwiched (not sandiwitched) between the nicest people from Victoria BC (Judy and David from Bee Smart Books) and the fabulous Nathalie Pr├ęzeau of Toronto Fun Places (plus her daughter Roxanne!). Her guide to family fun in Toronto will soon be joined by a walking guide for girlfriends in the Big City. I think all the Little Witches should get one so we can stroll Toronto and eat and shop!

Pansy had her biggest, biggest grin for everyone:
Thanks to everyone who dropped by and said hello.

Lots of love, Sandiwitch

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Watch Out Toronto!

Yes, it's true my dearies! The witches are once again on the fly.

This time, we'll be in Toronto for the Word On The Street enormous book festival (Sunday, September 25th, 2011). You might have trouble finding us, as we blend into the crowd. You know. The blue face, the chickenwire tutu. I know! Listen for the cackles!

Joining us this year is Roslyn Witch, whom you might recognize by her skunk. Don't worry. The skunk is usually well behaved.

Otherwise, please say 'hi' to us when you pass by our booth in Kids Alley. We don't bite! (but we might nibble, particularly if you have an ice cream or cookie with you).

Sandi Witch